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This web site is for people who not only exhibit Irish Setters but also anybody who has an interest in the breed throughout the UK and Ireland, it is your web site so please send information to keep it current. We are part of Bardonhill.com and this site is used for the displaying of photographs of Irish setters taken at dog shows throughout the UK and Ireland Marita Bott Administrator, Photographer, graphics designer and is an technical advisor for the bardonhill website Marita has been successfully showing and judging Irish Setters for over 45 years and is a Championship Show judge.

Email - marita@bardonhill.com

Marita's own website can be found at - www.bardonhill.co.uk

Picture Removal

We check all photographs published on this site to make sure that they are suitable and will not offend the exhibitors and the public alike. If you are offended by any of the pictures on this site, we will remove them.

On requesting removal you must provide us with the picture location, show, date of show and the picture number if in one of the many slideshows.

You must provide us with a valid reason as to why you require the picture to be removed. If you are not the person or the owner of the dog in the picture we need confirmation from that person as to why it should be removed.

We will not replace the picture with another picture from another show and the picture being removed will be deleted from our database and not used again. We will replace the picture, if you provide us with a valid reason

Please email – complaints@bardonhill.com

NOTE – Please do not contact the photographers directly as legally it is our responsibility to remove the picture and inform them as to why, remember they only provide pictures for your enjoyment.

Complaints Department

This site is a professionally run website and because of this we have a duty of care, under European law, to our sponsors, administrators and website users. If you wish to complain about any aspect of this website please contact us at the email address below.

Email - complaints@bardonhill.com

If your complaint cannot be resolved by our Complaints Department and you wish to take the matter further we will forward the matter to our Legal Representative who will respond to your concerns in a professional manner. ______________________________________________________________________

This website would not exist if it was not for you, the public, and we will continue to run this website responsibly and without prejudice We would like to say a big thank to our sponsors and all your kind words and support over the last few years From all of us at Bardonhill ______________________________________________________________________

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